About Philip Tory  BSc(Hons), Dip.M., Technical Author

Experienced and competent in many diverse industrial areas.

I began my full-time technical writing business in 2000 as Expeditory UK, and Authorgraphic Ltd was established in 2002. I have now retired from writing documentation, and have dedicated myself to helping others to write their own manuals in house. I now have a track record that includes 160+ client companies worldwide, spread across 11 countries from UK to Europe, and as far away as India, USA and Australia.

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I worked in various technical companies across my career (I started on the Concorde Flight Computer development team!), and was often asked to write Equipment Manuals or the Software Help Guides as part of my job responsibilities. I seemed to 'have the knack'. These career roles included:

  • Electronics Development
  • Drawing Office Management
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  •  Technical Sales / Franchise Management
  •  Marketing
  •  Electronics QA, and later, Software QA
  •  Software Product Management
  •  Technical Troubleshooting 
  •  Staff Training.

These areas gave me broad competence in technical, engineering and business skills.

Authorgraphic Ltd, established 2002

As my authoring business was going well, I set up Authorgraphic Ltd in 2002. I started training in 2004, and have run Technical Writing Courses across 10 countries, and have trained hundreds of people. Although I no longer run live courses, the full course content - and more - is contained in my Training Manual. So now I pass on my skills for free, with my technical writing course. I retired in March 2017.

Technologies handled

I have worked on documentation for a wide variety of businesses and technologies, from a low-tech Lawn Care Franchise business, to the highest-tech, such as editing the specification for world's largest optical telescope for the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and a manual for processing radioactive waste at a power station. See Author Skills.