How to write Documentation for Manufacturing

Work Instructions / Operating Procedures etc

When you issue Work Instructions / Standard Operating Procedures to your staff, whether they be e.g. unskilled factory operatives, or graduates in a pharmaceuticals production facility, you need your people to understand the instructions 'first go' and carry them out without making mistakes or asking too many questions.

That's why the 'Plain English', step-by-step approach is an essential module of this course> learn how to tailor the level of writing to suit the target reader groups.

I have always had the ability to explain things so that people can understand. Before I left school, I used to give talks to my local Amateur Radio Club. At University, my classmates would sometimes ask me to explain what the lecturer had just spent an hour talking about. And in my Finals I won the Year Prize for the Best Thesis. (I found a copy of it the other day - I could still understand some of it!)

For much of my career I was in Sales, which is about explaining things so that people can understand, and then buy the products. I would also write the User Manuals and Software Help Guides, which were a great help to the Sales process, and gave the customers confidence in what they were buying.

Over the years I have continued to study Technical Writing, and benefit from feedback from hundreds of end users about what they want to see in a good manual. So I used these skills in my work, and teach you in my training course, how to produce good manuals for my clients.

Training Courses

You would probably like to know how to write good documentation, so I am now offering my very comprehensive Technical Writing Course, in the form of a complete Training Manual.

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