Subject areas that I have written about

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My university education and wide industrial experience means that I can write about almost any subject, and I can teach you based on that background. Here is a small selection of areas for which I have written documentation:

  • Operations and Quality Control Procedures for refuelling aircraft
         at Heathrow Airport (Aviation Fuel Services)
  • Programmable panel meters (Trumeter)
  • Advanced, industrial burner controller (ETC Ltd)
  • Oil tanker cargo loading / unloading management software (BP)
  • Lawn care franchise operators' manual (Supagrass)
  • Freeze-drying system for nuclear waste (Mechatech / Berkeley nuclear power station)
  • Technical spec for the European Extremely Large Telescope (optical, 130 ft. mirror)
  • Cardiac treatment drug-effect simulation software (University of Oxford)
  • Manually-operated electric tugs (MasterMover)
  • X-ray scanning equipment (3D-Xray Ltd)
  • Pharmacy dispensing software (NDC)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems
  • Laser scanning systems for precision, non-contact measurement
  • Fast-food chain, shop fitters' installation manual,
       ...   and dozens more.

Documentation for Software

I have produced many User / Installation / Configuration Manuals and Software Upgrade Notes. See Software Documentation.

Documentation for High-tech and Low-tech Equipment

I have authored many manuals for technical and not-so-technical products and equipment. See Equipment documentation.

Documentation for Electronics

If your products are primarily electronics-based, I was a former electronics engineer, and I studied Applied Physics with Electronics for my degree. I have written much documentation in this area. See Electronics Documentation.