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Technical Author Training Courses for your staff / colleagues

Technical Author training courses UK. Here is our 150-page training manual, written speciall for this course, and regularly updated since we started in 2004Have your people ever had any training in Technical Writing?

Like most businesses, you probably have very competent staff in their own speciality: engineers, programmers, trainers, QA staff, and so on. But when it comes to writing good instruction manuals, the output isn't quite as good as you'd like. Often, it's too technical for the target readership.

You see, most employees have never had a technical writing course to guide them in the "write direction"!  The last time they learned any English was back at school - possibly decades ago - and that wasn't aimed at technical writing for business and industry.

Technical Author Training Course:
Download and print the Course Manual, then learn the core essentials with your colleagues in just one or two days

If you knuckle down and work solidly through this manual, you can cover the material in a few hours. Or take a little longer and do it more thoroughly. It includes written exercises.

  > Download your free PDF Course Manual here <

So, what does this Technical Author Training Course do for you?

Module 1: The Way to Write

  • LEARN how to write in a professional and effective way for your target reader groups
  • How to write Plain English for the target readers
  • Grammar essentials for the technical writer
  • Writing style
  • How to handle Jargon and Acronyms
  • How to make documentation more readable
  • How to research the subject
  • Short session on Report Writing
  • Written exercises to help you to learn and remember.

Module 2: How to plan documentation

  • Learn powerful planning techniques - plan complex documentation in minutes rather than days
  • Practical exercises.

Module 3: Work Smart in MS Word

  • Essential settings
  • Spelling tools
  • "Automatic" Table of Contents
  • How to create an Index-at-the-Back
  • Top Tips for layout
  • Time-saving tips to save maybe 20% of your time.

FREE 150-page Training Manual / Workbook

This course is condensed into a specially written Training Manual. If you're training several people, they will need one copy each, so that they can make their own comments and do the written exercises. 

Is it worth it? Some comments from course delegates...

“Since completing the Technical Writing course, I find it much easier to plan the layout of Technical Manuals and Power Point presentations. Writing using the guidelines set out in the course allows more information and less waffle into the work, making it easier to read and understand. I have also found report writing has become much quicker. Thank you so much Philip, for reminding me just how versatile the English language is, and how much I had forgotten.”
– Martin E. Technical Support Engineer, Lochinvar Ltd.

"The course was informative and fun - a good combination. The best bit was the document planning as I have trouble with keeping my thoughts in order. I learned so much today about writing. Overall it was fabulous, so much more user friendly than I expected."
- Laura W. System Manager/Trainer, Wyeth Europa (now Pfizer) Pharmaceuticals.

"The most interesting parts for me were the exercises because I like the ‘hands on’ approach. I find ‘to do’ is the best way for me to learn. I also liked sharing ideas with my colleagues and having the time to think about how we can move forward with our documentation project. I valued Philip’s input and suggestions.”
- Martin M. Traіnἰng Advisor, Quintiles Pharmaceuticals. (Courses given in UK, Ireland, India and USA)

"The section on planning was the most interesting as this is something that is immediately relevant. Overall, a very good course. It presented a number of techniques that I can use immediately with no extra tools."
- Andy H. Head of Development Methods Group, Bank of England, London.

“Having had some time to look through the manuals I’ve written, I can already see how I can improve them, which is good. I must admit to having taken the Training Manual home with me and re-capping a lot of the information on Tuesday evening!  As a testimonial to your course, I would say: ‘This course has given me the ability to communicate technical details effectively, not just in documents but also in emails and telephone support.  Today I carried out a training session with a customer of ours; I put into practice the lessons taught and the training was certainly well understood and quickly absorbed by the other party. All in all, a success.’ ” – Mike B. Tech Support Engineer, Security Foiling Ltd.

“Many thanks for the training. I found the course very worthwhile and I'm confident that it will improve the quality of my work.  One of my first aims is to start using fewer words! I will definitely keep referring back to your excellent manual and complete the remaining exercises. The detailed feedback on my specimen help document exceeded my expectations, and will also be a big help.”

– Will R. Technical Author, Orchid Data Ltd.

“The course was very useful and an eye-opener in some instances. Yes, I think everybody enjoyed the day, which continued the following day with a flurry of activity. Hopefully this will now translate into more professional looking documents and improved business levels. Thank you again.”
– Neil J. Director, Interface Force Measurements Ltd.

“The training day was well structured and went quickly; informal whilst still professional. I learned a lot about how to work smarter, and a lot about how to improve my writing style. I would strongly recommend this course.”
– Sarah M. Franchise Operations Manager, Fitness First.

"It was great to get back to basics. The course allowed us to relearn the fundamentals of writing and showed us how to shape these fundamentals into project documentation. I would recommend Authorgraphic for any business in the future. Great course Philip. Thanks very much!" -
Ryan M. Business Development Mgr, Combined Insurance, Kingston Upon Thames.

“Very clear and informative. I have never been more awake during a training course.”
– Richard O. Test Engineer, Latchways plc (Fall Protection products)

"A practical, enjoyable and insightful course, which successfully imparts the importance of plain English. The course material is both useful and accessible and will prove invaluable in the workplace where I intend to use some of the skills practiced during the course." - D. Strawson, Lead Operations, Perenco UK (Oil and Gas).

“A colleague attended the previous course and said it was the most useful course he had ever attended.”
- C. Harrison, Operations Manager, Transport for London.

"Lots of useful ideas & smart tips to make technical writing less scary, whether you are updating an existing manual or writing from scratch." - J. Taylor, Manager, Employee Communications and Development, RSPCA.

"This course is really going to save me precious time. I would recommend it to anyone who has to write and maintain any type of document."  - Kyla Young, Operations Manager, Dataflow Communications.

"Many thanks for the course yesterday. I for one found it extremely useful, and judging from the comments I’ve had from my colleagues, so did they."   - L. Parton, Development Manager, Distinction Systems Ltd.

"I learned how to be precise and deliver the information in a clear, comprehensible fashion." - L. Watson, Customer Support Analyst, IT Department, Coventry University.

"The training day was useful and informative. Good pace and delivered at a level understandable to the delegates. The most interesting part was the Clear English module, because it's been a long time since I was at school and I slipped into bad habits." - G. Norman, Training Coordinator, ConocoPhillips, Humber. Oil industry.

"This was a real insight into how much we can improve our documentation so that it is easy to follow. I learned a lot of skills that will be put into practice. A good course, as lots was covered which has given me the skills to improve my writing." - R. Speck, Software Test Analyst, Tribal Group, Hull.

"The training was well organised and delivered. Plenty of content to take away and apply. It helped me to understand the ways to go about using plain English. I think the planning techniques are going to be useful."
- Lee Pedder, Networks and Systems Engineer, Partygaming PLC, Gibraltar. 

> Download your free PDF Course Manual here <