Electronics documentation: User / Installation / Configuration Manuals

My Electronics background

At Bath University, I won the Year Prize for the best finals thesis in Electronics.

In my career that followed, I was an electronics development engineer on a couple of elite projects: on the Concorde Flight Computer team (Marconi Elliott Avionics Systems Ltd), and at RAE Farnborough, working on pioneering, fly-by-wire avionics for fighter aircraft (trialled on the Hunter Mk13). At a more mundane level, I have worked on automated, car park control systems; mobile floodlight and generator trailer equipment; and medical electronics / radio engineering (AWRE Aldermaston).

In one of my jobs, I was in charge of QA, Inspection and fault-finding on an electronics production line.


 I used to write about many kinds of electronic systems, and produced first-class manuals and Help Guides for my customers. My technical (and business) skills are behind the teaching that I offer in this course.

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